This week U.S. District Chief Judge Mark Hornak of the Western District of Pennsylvania awarded $26.4 million in damages to PPG Industries Inc. in a trade secret suit against Chinese competitor Jiangsu Tie Mao Glass Company. PPG accused TMG of conspiring with a former employee to steal trade secrets related to a proprietary process for manufacturing a new type of commercial aircraft window. The damages tally Hornak handed down includes $8.8 million in monetary damages and an additional $17.6 million in exemplary damages, the maximum amount allowed under Pennsylvania’s trade secret law.

That result has landed Litigator of the Week honors for Bill Burck and AJ Merton of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, who have billed almost 90% of the firm’s hours on the case since it was filed in 2015. That’s one lean, mean trade secret fighting machine.