Is There A Time Limit For A Car Crash Claim? 

Jan 17, 2020


When you get injured in a car crash or any other kind of incident in which someone else’s actions or negligence caused your injury, you have a limited amount of time after the incident when you can try to hold liable parties responsible and be repaid for expenses incurred because of the damages they caused you.

This time limit is imposed to reduce the number of frivolous lawsuits. They don’t want anyone to seek compensation for damages 10 years after being hurt. For instance, under the Arizona statute of limitations personal injury, you have up to two years to file for a lawsuit after your injury, which should give you sufficient time to recover from your injuries and work with insurance to see if there is any other way to get the support you need.

Statute of Limitations 

The time limit on your car claim is set by the official code of Arizona, which gives you up to two years unless your injury fits into an unusual category. The only way to know for sure how much time you have to begin and resolve your claim is to consult with a legal professional. 

Although you may feel pressured to begin the process as soon as possible, many lawyers may advise waiting for a period of time after the accident before filing your claim. The risk of filing early is that you may still not know the full extent of the damages you’ve suffered.

If you wait until you’ve recovered or your condition has at least become thoroughly diagnosed and predictable, you will have a better sense of the full extent of your injuries and the associated expenses. Knowing this will help you know how much of a reward you will be looking for with your claim.

What You Need for Your Claim 

While you don’t want to file your claim immediately, you should be documenting the situation from the very beginning, as this will help you get your deserved payout later on. Take pictures of the scene and record written statements about the circumstances of the car crash so that there will be no debate later on. If you call the police to the scene, then you’ll have the benefit of an official police report later on. 

Beyond the evidence of the crash and the attribution of fault, you’ll also want to keep careful paperwork documenting all of the material and emotional damages you’ve suffered because of the accident. Keep copies of all of your bills that are related to the incident, and make notes every time you aren’t able to work or perform other normal tasks because of your condition.

The Importance of Legal Counsel 

If you want to give yourself a better chance of success and an optimal payout for your damages, you’ll need the support of an attorney who knows the field and how to go about building a case. 

Find a lawyer that can evaluate your case and give you realistic predictions about how your claim will proceed and what your best options are. They can figure out how long you have to file and give you a better chance of having your damages repaid.

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