(L-R) Awards host Andrew Ryan; Samia Rauf, managing director, and Mark Bilson, VP, client development and integration, Intapp; and James Mayer, research director, Legal Week Intelligence

Finalists: BigHand; DealScoper (joint highly commended); Forensic Risk Alliance; Fulcrum GT; RAVN Systems; SaltDNA; ThreadKM; Tonic Works (joint highly commended).

Software developer Intapp picked up the supplier innovation technology award for its workflow application, which enables users to integrate their various IT systems and automate processes that would otherwise need to be executed manually.

The Intapp Flow web-based app helps IT departments connect different business applications across multiple systems without needing to write complex scripts or custom code, as is often the case when integrating legacy systems. This has proved a useful tool for law firms that need to integrate their tech infrastructure with Guidewire – an electronic supply chain management platform used by insurance companies to securely link their systems with external suppliers and vendors.

That means insurers can provide instructions on claims to their legal panels without needing to send endless emails and attachments. It also removes the need for law firms to re-enter the same information into their own systems, eliminating any potential for error.

By allowing law firms and insurance companies to align their IT systems, claim handlers will have greater visibility on the progress of claims in real time, alerting them to status updates and allowing them to process and resolve claims much more quickly and accurately.

“Solves a major inefficiency,” one judge commented.

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