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Dear readers:

I am proud to reveal the winners of the Daily Report’s seventh annual Best Of supplement, recognizing the vendors that Georgia lawyers and firm administrators turn to first to keep their lives on track, inside and outside of the office.

This product was developed out of a desire to help Georgia lawyers—our readers’—identify the finest legal products and service providers and to package their choices all in one reference.

We crafted a ballot with several dozen categories for you to cast your Best Of votes on a number of areas critical to practicing law and managing your personal and professional life. From data technology products and banking services to real estate brokers and power lunch locations, Daily Report’s Best Of showcases the businesses that stand out among their competitors in providing you with the essentials you require to compete in today’s legal market.

We sent the ballot to the email addresses of licensed attorneys and firm administrators in the Atlanta metro area. Your participation was overwhelming, especially considering the size and scope of the ballot and the nonbillable time that you gave generously to complete it. Lawyers and legal professionals rely heavily on the businesses honored here, and we are grateful for your input, which will continue to give readers a place to turn when they need to make vendor decisions.

In tallying the winners, we established preventive measures on the front end to ensure that the voting was fair and our one-vote-per-attorney policy was strictly adhered to. Included among over 70 categories on the ballot were technology, accounting, insurance, financial services, litigation support, education, recruiting/ staffing, public relations and hospitality. We offered a sampling of the businesses in each category, but cautioned readers that our lists were not all-inclusive. In each category, voters also could write in a business if their Best Of choice wasn’t among those listed, an option many of you exercised.

This year’s Best Of offerings are just a starting place. If you see a category we missed or a vendor we should include next year, please send us your thoughts about how we can improve. We adjust our product each year to meet the needs of our readers based on your feedback.

Again, thanks for sharing your voice and your votes. Because of your tremendous support, the Daily Report’s Best Of has become a permanent, must-have resource for Georgia’s legal professionals.


Wayne Curtis Publisher