Judge tells Francois Halloway, ‘make it count’ after cutting his mandatory 58-year sentence for multiple armed carjackings.

John Gleeson ( See Profile) said that the case of Francois Holloway, 57, highlighted the harshness of mandatory sentencing statutes and praised the Eastern District U.S. Attorney’s Office for modifying the conviction.

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South Florida Lawyers asked the question in a recent blog posting, Does Florida have too many lawyers?

Since 2000, the number of licensed attorneys in the state has swollen to 96,511 from 60,900. During the same period, five new law schools have opened, cranking out even more lawyers to join those bemoaning the diminished rewards of their chosen career, the item says.

In commenting on the post, Anonymous said “It’s clearly gotten worse, particularly if you factor in the unconscionable debt law grads are saddled with upon finishing law school. Add that to the sad job market. Unless you can get into a top 10 law school (or are offered a substantial scholarship at a top 25 school), it just isn’t worth it.”

Do you agree?


Bar exam takers got a big scare when a processing Issue delayed some submissions said Florida-based testing software provider ExamSoft Worldwide Inc.

Some test takers experienced slowness or difficulty in returning completed exams Tuesday to company servers using company software.

But some takers rolled with the issue and even made light of it saying “Tomorrow is pencil and paper. I’m feeling better about that.”