A jury awarded $208,839 to a woman who claimed she suffered uterine pain for three months after an the implantation of an intrauterine device.

Tracy Jackson, then 46, went to Dr. Ingrid Isdith in Wellington for placement of a Mirena IUD for birth control. She began experiencing severe pelvic and abdominal pain shortly after the IUD was implanted. Five days later, the IUD was removed. She claimed the wall of her uterus was perforated during the IUD insertion, causing the device to migrate under her liver.

The defense’s gynecological expert testified a uterine perforation was a known complication of an IUD insertion. He maintained the IUD escaped Jackson’s uterus later and not during the insertion.

Case: Jackson v. Isdith

Case No.: 50-2013- CA-2457 MB AJ

Plaintiffs attorney: Wallace B. McCall, Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, Palm Beach

Defense attorney: Joshua M. Bloom, Lubell Rosen, Fort Lauderdale