Arrest mug of Broward Circuit Judge Gisele Pollack
Arrest mug of Broward Circuit Judge Gisele Pollack ()

The Florida Supreme Court on Friday denied Broward County Court Judge Gisele Pollack’s petition to be suspended with pay.

She was suspended without pay a few weeks after she was arrested in Plantation for driving under the influence with bodily injury.

Pollack asked for the court to reconsider the unpaid suspension, citing the financial hardship of the decision and the treatment of alcoholism as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. She is undergoing intensive rehabilitation in a Gainesville facility.

“Judge Pollack’s petition for reconsideration has been treated as a motion for rehearing and is hereby denied,” the court said.

An admitted alcoholic, Pollack performed well on the bench for 11 years. But in December, she had a relapse and presided in court while intoxicated.

She took a self-imposed leave of absence, but she went into rehab after showing up impaired in court again in March.