Sixty South Florida attorneys and lay people have been named to leadership positions on Florida Bar committees.

Admiralty law: Michael W. McLeod, Seiden Alder & Matthewman, chair; Danielle J. Butler, Fowler, White, Burnett, vice chair; and Melissa L. Button, Cole, Scott, & Kissane, vice chair

Admiralty and maritime law certification committee: Mark R. Ercolin, Mark Ercolin Attorney at Law, vice chair; and Michelle O. Valdes, Chalos & Co., chair

Adoption law certification: Amy U. Hickman, Hausmann & Hickman, chair

Animal law: Gilbert R. Panzer, Panzer Law, vice chair

Annual convention: Michelle R. Suskauer, Saskauer Law Firm, chair

Appellate court rules committee: Eduardo I. Sanchez, U.S. attorney’s office, vice chair

Aviation law certification committee: Robert L. Feldman, the Law Offices of Robert L. Feldman, chair; and Bruce D. Green, Bruce D. Green P.A., vice chair

Aviation law: Charles R. Morgenstein, MMO Legal Services, chair

Board of legal specialization and education: Robert W. Wilkins, Jones, Foster, Johnston & Stubbs, vice chair

Business litigation certification committee: Mark R. Osherow, Katz, Barron, Squitero, Faust, chair; and Garry William O’Donnell, Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, vice chair

Citizen’s forum: Dori Foster-Morales, Elser Foster-Morales, chair; and Carlos Halley, vice chair

Civil procedure rules committee: Alfred J. Saikali, Shook, Hardy & Bacon, vice chair

Clients’ security fraud committee: Susan L. Palmatier, Falk, Waas, Hernandez, vice chair; and Jeffrey A. Adelman, Adelman & Adelman, vice chair

Code and rules of evidence committee: Benjamin L. Reiss, Greenberg Traurig, vice chair

Constitutional judiciary committee: Merrick L. Gross, Carlton Fields, chair; and Michael J. Napoleone, Richman Greer, vice chair

Construction law certification committee: Steven B, Lesser, Becker & Poliakoff, chair

Consumer protection law committee: Margery E. Golant, Golant & Golant, vice chair; Tequisha Y. Myles, Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, vice chair

Criminal law certification committee: Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Angelica D. Zayas, chair; Roseanne Eckert, Capital Collateral Regional Counsel, vice chair

Criminal procedure rules committee: Randolph Braccialarghe, Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center, vice chair; and Louis V. Martinez, Louis V. Martinez P.A., vice chair

Education law committee: Anna I. Segura, Broward County School Board, vice chair

Elder law certification committee: Carolyn Landon, Carolyn Landon P.A., chair

Eminent Domain: Bart S. Balmuth, Barry S. Balmuth P.A., vice chair

Family law certification committee: Barry M. Wayne, Bluestein & Wayne, vice chair

Federal court practice committee: Melanie E. Damian, Damian Valori, chair; and Jon Polenberg, Polenberg Cooper, vice chair

Florida Bar Journal news editorial board: Diana L. Martin, Leopold Law P.A., chair

Florida probate rules committee: James R. George, Greenberg Traurig, chair; and Marsha G. Madorksy, Carlton Fields, vice chair

Grievance mediation and fee arbitration committee: Michael H. Lax, Michael H. Lax P.A., chair

Health law certification committee: Michael P. Gennett, Akerman Senterfitt, chair; and Bernabe A. Icaza, Tenet Healthcare, vice chair

Immigration and nationality law certification committee: Carmen R. Arce, Arce & Associates, chair

Judicial nominating procedures committee: Michael R. Band, Band Law Firm, vice chair; Todd S. Payne, Zebersky & Payne, vice chair

Judicial administration and evaluation committee: Jay Kim, Ward, Kim, Vaughan & Lerner, chair

Legal needs of children committee: William W. Booth, Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, vice chair

Media and communications law: Patricia Acosta, Hunton & Williams, chair

Professional ethics committee: Carolyn R. Bell, U.S. attorney’s office, chair; Ana M. Martinez, U.S. attorney’s office, vice chair

Real estate certification committee: Lloyd Granet, Lloyd Granet P.A., chair; Russell M. Robbins, Mirza, Basulto & Robbins, vice chair

Student education/admissions to the bar committee: Kimberly J. Kanoff, McIntosh Sawran & Cartaya, chair

Standing committee on the unlicensed practice of law: Nancy M. Blount, chair; and Stephen J. Potter, Morgan Stanley, vice chair

Rules administration committee: Alexandra V. Rieman, Broward Circuit Court, chair

Tax certification committee: Administrative Law Judge Vivian N. Rodriguez, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, chair

Voluntary bar liaison committee: Daniel A. Zuniga, Zele Huber Trial Attorneys, vice chair.

Wills, trusts and estates certification committee: Shawn C. Snyder, Synder & Synder, vice chair

Workers’ compensation rules advisory committee: Barbara Kay Case, Eraclides, Johns, Hall, Gelman, Johannessen & Goodman, chair