Amid the pandemic, health, and worldly events aside, the legal industry has had a year to remember. Both employers and employees were forced to assess, pivot, and acclimate to a rapidly changing business world. The last year has proven to be the most active hiring time for the legal industry, from adjusting to home office environments and implementing new technologies to retention and hiring bonuses. The culmination of swelling workloads and a demand for talented legal professionals spun a hiring frenzy creating a myriad of hiring challenges for law firms, corporate legal departments and recruiting firms.

There were two main factors affecting this wildly busy hiring period. First, there was the business aspect. Companies were obligated to assess the changes affecting commerce. As the business of law is typically directly affected by the ebbs and flow of corporate America, lawyers began to see an unexpected influx of work … and lots of it. Both corporate lawyers and litigators saw a tremendous surge in workload, creating an exceptional demand for legal talent. Second, the legal industry experienced a shortage of workers.