A motorist who claimed back injuries from a multiple-vehicle crash was awarded $11,346.

On July 27, 2012, Diane Weber, then in her 40s, was driving on Southwest 18th Street in Boca Raton when she was struck by a vehicle that was previously struck by Kathleen Mosera. Weber then struck the car in front of her. Weber sued Mosera and her owner insurer, Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Co., and claimed Mosera was underinsured. Weber claimed the crash caused herniated lumbar discs, which ultimately required a microdiscectomy.

The defense claimed there was no acute injury and none of Weber’s treatment after the first month or so was related to the crash. The jury awarded damages to Weber only for the first eight weeks of treatment. Case: Weber v. Mosera

Case No.: 50-2015-CA-002905-XXXX-MB

Plaintiffs attorney: Irwin Ast, Ast Law Firm, Miami

Defense attorneys: Vivian M. Knapp, Law Office of Vivian M. Knapp, West Palm Beach, and Laurie Primus, Sellars, Marion & Bachi, West Palm Beach