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Delivering What Clients Want Through Lean Methodology

Level: Advanced
Runtime: 57 minutes
Recorded Date: May 24, 2018
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  • The New Reality
  • What Do Clients Want?
  • The Four Stages of Lean Project Management
    • Planning
    • Execution
    • Monitoring
    • Improvement
  • Law Firm Safety
  • FAQs
Runtime: 1 hour
Recorded: May 24, 2018


Legal knowledge is one thing. Competence to deliver legal services the way clients want is something quite different. Yet lawyers are rarely taught the practical tools and methods that can help them reach the right outcome, on time and on budget. In an increasingly competitive legal market, these skills have never been more important.

In this video, meet Alex Geisler, a London based litigation partner with Duane Morris and creator of the Lean Law Program. Geisler explains the four stages of lean legal project management—Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Improvement—and the methods employed in each stage. Learn techniques for scoping your legal project, the keys to running lean meetings, and strategies for communicating effectively with clients. In time these best practices will become habits, which become a mindset that you can bring to every project, every day, for every client.

This program was recorded on May 24th, 2018.

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Alex Geisler

Co-Managing Partner
Duane Morris LLP

Alex Geisler is a London-based litigation partner with Duane Morris and the creator of the Lean Law Program.

He practices in the areas of commercial litigation and dispute resolution and is well-known in the auto industry as a manufacturer’s lawyer, defending automakers and suppliers in global litigation. His responsibilities on behalf of clients include the selection and quality monitoring of external law firms on a worldwide basis.

The roots of what would become his Lean Law Program go back to his early representations of auto manufacturers. As Alex worked more closely with these clients, he experimented with their approaches to process improvement and project management in a successful effort to deliver legal services more efficiently and effectively. He adapted these ideas along with insights from other industries, clients and his own experiences to complete the Lean Law Program.

Alex has developed bespoke training programs for the law departments of corporate clients. He is an accredited trainer and author on topics including legal process optimization, knowledge management, negotiation, process mapping and scenario planning.

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