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We haven’t checked out the law school scene in a while, because, frankly, it’s so predictable. Yes, enrollment is dropping like flies in the snow, and law schools keep slashing tuition like yesterday’s cupcakes. Anyway, here’s what’s happening:
1. If you have a pulse (and dough), you are in! Yup, your canine might have a shot at law school these days. The National Jurist has compiled a list of 25 law schools with the greatest drop in enrollment since 2010. Here are the 18 schools where enrollment has plummeted by 30 percent or more:
University of La Verne -66.2%
Cooley Law School -40.6%
Catholic University -39.5%
New York Law School -38.7%
University of Dayton -38.5%
Pacific McGeorge -38.4%
Widener U. – Harrisburg -36.9%
U. of New Hampshire -34.8%
Seton Hall University -34.7%
Liberty University -33.9%
Western New England -33.3%
Case Western -32.7%
Hamline University -32.7%
Ave Maria School of Law -31.8%
Appalachian School of Law -31.0%
Widener University – Delaware -30.5%
Vermont Law School -30.5%
Saint Louis University -30.2%
As Above the Law’s Staci Zaretsky points out, attending one of these illustrious institutions ain’t necessarily cheap. Cooley cost $43,500 a year, which is only “$8,850 less than it costs to attend one of the other second-best law schools in the nation (Harvard, $52,350).”
2. Is Ohio the bargain basement for law schools? Don’t despair, you don’t have to pay throught the nose to go to a law school with a mediocre national ranking. But you might have to pack your bags and head for the Midwest.
The National Law Journal reports that Ohio is getting aggressive about filling its law schools. NLJ says that discounting tuition is the rage right now but that it “is especially prevalent in Ohio, an unusually competitive market comprising nine law schools.”
The latest to join this bandwagon is the University of Toledo College of Law, which is now offering Ohio and Michigan residents reduced tuition (from $20,578 to $17,900 per year)—making Toledo the lowest-priced law school in Ohio and Michigan. Just in case you needed a reason to move to Toledo.
You might remember (actually, why would you?) that University of Akron School of Law and the University of Cincinnati College of Law are cutting out-of-state tuition too, along with Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law, which cut 25 percent off its tuition across the board. So many bargains! Pity they are only good in Ohio.
3. That’s nice, dear. According to a new survey by Kaplan Test Prep of prospective law students, 58 percent prefer that law school be cut to two years instead of the current three, reports NLJ. Moreover, 97 percent of prelaw students would like to add clinics into their curricula.
How nice that these future lawyers are expressing their views on legal education. Too bad no one with any influence cares.

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