In our first-ever Asia 50 survey, we asked law firms across the Asian continent and throughout Australasia to tell us how many lawyers they have. The data we gathered gives an intriguing snapshot of a fast-changing legal marketplace. Local firms have grown to giant size in China, Australia, and elsewhere. Global firms have made big bets and small ones—ranging from a thousand lawyers in Asia to just a handful. No one, it seems, wants to be left out of the game.


Sizing Them Up

By Anthony Lin
Which firms have the most lawyers in the Asia-Pacific region?


The Stars in the East
The 50 largest law firms that are based in the Asia-Pacific region.

The American Presence
The 50 U.S. firms with the most lawyers in the Asia-Pacific region.

International Players
The 15 European firms with the most lawyers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Biggest Footprints
The 20 firms—indigenous and otherwise—with the most lawyers in the Asia-Pacific region.