In the course of litigation, for example, you can get a company’s profile and have access to a litigant’s case history in a particular nature of suit. The Litigant Profile helps you identify litigation trends and the resolution of those cases. You can view the dockets to see patterns of settlements, mediation, etc., then update all cases identified at the bottom of the page as having “No defense Counsel assigned” to ensure that you see the most up-to-date view of the information.

Besides the company’s profile, you can obtain a profile of your opposing counsel by exploring her experience and the legal tactics employed in the past. Viewing dockets to see case resolutions can help identify trends, patterns and track records. Furthermore, you can draw a judicial profile by running a Strategic Profile to uncover a judge’s experience in a certain type of case or research attorneys who have argued the same type of case in front of the judge in the past and then look at dockets and order motions, pleadings, etc. to see the legal tactics the judge found compelling.