Nixon Peabody

Participatingoffices:Boston; Garden City, New York; Manchester, New Hampshire; New York; Rochester,New York; San Francisco; Washington, D.C.
Number of respondents: 18 (62% response rate)
Firmwide score: 4.328 (rank: 122)
(Score is on a 1-to-5 scale, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being thehighest; rank is based on 159 firms.)
How the firm rated on key scoring questions:
Interesting work: 4.11
How much “real” work was assigned: 4.33
Training and guidance: 4.28
Partner�summer associate interactions: 4.17
Full-time associate�summer associate interactions: 4.61
How well firm communicates its goals and expectations: 4.00
How accurately the firm portrayed itself during interviews: 4.17
Inclination to accept a full-time associateship: 4.67
Overall rating as a place to work: 4.61
More about the work:
Amount of work: 4.33
Level of responsibility: 4.28
Amount of client contact: 2.72
Amount of feedback: 3.67
Opportunities for mentoring: 4.28
Opportunities for pro bono work: 3.39
Average pay per week: $1,931
Average hours worked per week: 45.2
What the firm’s culture is like:
(Respondents were asked to indicate if the following traits described theirfirm or their experience, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “stronglydisagree” and 5 being “strongly agree.”)
Family-friendly: 4.39
Entrepreneurial: 3.72
Makes efforts toward diversity: 3.94
Attorneys would be enjoyable to work with: 4.56
Attorneys seem to enjoy working with each other: 4.56
Financial information is made available: 4.06
Felt comfortable asking in-depth financial questions: 3.78
Got a sense of the firm’s mission: 4.33
Felt confidence in the firm’s leadership: 4.39
Firm seemed the right size: 4.61
Humane approach to billable hours: 4.39
Firm did a good job of communicating about job prospects: 3.94
Dress code (1=formal; 5=informal): 3.22
Pleasant space and d�cor: 4.28
Percent who expect or have received a job offer from this firm: 88.9%
Score they gave this firm’s prestige as compared to other firms: 3.76
What they said surprised them most: We did real work! The top-levelfacilities. For a big firm, it is a very collegial atmosphere.
How they would describe the firm to other law students: Friendly, cuttingedge. Great people, great work, overall great place to work. Open, greatpotential future as it is a place that is growing. Excellent, respectfulculture.
Most memorable experience: Working on two great pro bono projects. Mentorrelationship. Working on a pro bono asylum case.
If they could tell the firm to change one thing: [More] out-of-officeexperiences. Keep the flow of work steady for summer associates. Better feedbackon projects and be more open with how many offers will be given out (or justgive them out sooner).