New York is a foodie town, with tons of great restaurants, ranging fromthe super cheap to the insanely expensive. But since many of you areworking after dark, here are some late night options:

Unlike many other major U.S. cities (San Francisco being the topoffender), New York really is the city that doesn’t sleep. There are 24hour diners all over the city. Some suggestions:

� Cosmo’s, on 23rd Street at 2nd Avenue.

� Cozy Soup & Burger, Broadway at Astor Place. Excellent burgers at 5 a.m.

� Dojo (2 Greenwich Village locations: St. Mark’s between 2nd & 3rdStreets, and Mercer at 4th Street.

� Donut Shoppe, 7th Avenue & 9th Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn

� Veselka, 9th Street & 2nd Avenue.