In “schlemiels & Shlimazels L.L.P” [NLJ, Aug. 23], I made the perilous generalization that lawyers lack a sense of humor. I was quickly set right by the select readers who waste time on this column. Especially in e-mail, lawyers are a yuk a minute. Of course, the humor is often dark and sometimes unintended.

Every firm has a jokester who sneaks onto unguarded computers and sends an all-points e-mail in the name of a hapless associate. Frank Alvarez, of Cowles & Thompson P.C. in Dallas, was flabbergasted by colleagues’ calling him a “fruit” in the elevator. He soon learned that a colleague had sent an all-points e-mail in his name: “From now on and in all future correspondence, I would like to be referred to as Peaches.” Ever a good sport, Mr. Alvarez now uses “Peaches” on his office door nameplate.