421. Saud Hrnic also saw the accused on the pista. As he was from Kozarac, he knew the accused although they were not friends. Saud Hrnic, who was a Muslim, had taken karate lessons with him. He arrived at Omarska around 8 June 1992 and remained there until 6 or 7 August 1992. He saw the accused only once while there, holding something resembling a paper file, standing on the pista near the administration building. He does not know whether the accused was moving or standing still, or whether he had a beard or was clean-shaven. When he saw the accused, Saud Hrnic was lying on his back with his head positioned towards the hangar on the right side facing the direction of the grass and the white house. He does not remember if there were any other persons standing with the accused, but there was nothing blocking his vision and it was a sunny day. As soon as he saw the accused, Saud Hrnic put his face toward the ground so that the accused would not see him.

422. Witness R, a Muslim, also places the accused at Omarska, although he is not sure of the date. He did not personally know the accused before but had seen him in the sports pages of the Kozarski Vjesnik newspaper on four or five occasions. The day he saw him at Omarska, Witness R was on the pista having a conversation with a man named Hrnic from Kozarac, when Hrnic said: “That is Dusko”, and pointed. Hrnic bent down and Witness R looked toward the white house to see the accused coming out of it. He watched him, for a minute or two, walk in the vicinity of the white house. Witness R testified that he had a clear view of the accused’s face and testified that the accused was wearing a multicoloured jacket the colour of the skin of a giraffe. The date of this sighting was sometime between 30 May and 6 August 1992, the dates that Witness R was present at Omarska. This event registered in Witness R’s mind because of his recognition of the accused from the sports page of the newspaper. He testified that he was sitting between two flower tubs with an unobstructed view. However, it appears that Witness R may have spoken with a witness who had testified previously or to the Prosecution about that witness’s testimony because, in response to a question, he stated that the flower tubs did not impair his view even though the question that had been put to him did not make that suggestion. This witness testified that Kera, the young man who was shot as testified to by Kasim Mesic, was killed in July 1992. Witness R testified that although he was also on the pista at this time in a position close to the white house, he did not see the accused that day even though he saw the guard who shot Kera and others approaching the guard.