“When Adrian was with Quinn, because of the economics of the firm, it was impossible to get her deeply involved until we started trial prep,” Green said. “You go to someone like Adrian because you want them to be deeply involved in case. If you can’t get that because of the economics, it seems to negate the purpose of working with a big firm.”

Clients also have liked the idea of a women-run firm, something that fits with diversity goals of many companies, Adrian said.

With all of the client interest and just two full-time attorneys, it got very busy, very fast. They’re currently working on 25 active matters, including four appellate briefs before the Federal Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

That’s why the Pruetz Law Group is moving in February into a new office near Los Angeles International Airport that will have space for five attorneys. The location is great for out-of-town clients, and it’s not a bad commute for Adrian, who lives in Hermosa Beach. The firm is now located in Manhattan Beach.

“She earned having the office near her,” said Erica, who lives in Santa Monica.

For now, the growth plan is five attorneys in five years. But “one thing I learned from Quinn is to grow as work pumps up,” Adrian said. This month, they brought on a recent Loyola Law School graduate as their first attorney hire.

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