India is a popular destination � Fenwick & West partner Victor Schachter made his second trip in August, part of an effort to set up an ADR system to chop the country’s 15-year backlog down to size.
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Harjit Khaira is planning to go. Her husband is a surgeon and she has a master’s degree in education and a law degree from Golden Gate University. Together they are hoping to focus on health care and education.

“This is an initial trip to assess what needs to be done,” Khaira said. “We are looking for a village that we can adopt.”

Cherlyn Medina met Nazario while she was an undergrad at the University of San Francisco. When she heard he was heading to India, Medina jumped at the opportunity to go along.

“I am going to keep this memory close to me and have it affect what I do in the future,” said Medina, who is planning to pursue a law degree and work on an international level.

Nazario is trying to raise money for the trip. He set his goal at $85,000. As of last week, he said he has raised about $48,000.