In mid-October, e-Discovery Law & Strategy‘s parent company, ALM,joined with the Business Development Institute (BDI) to offer ALM’s firste-discovery conference in New York City. The faculty featured severale-discovery luminaries — here are some highlights in case you missed it.

U. S. Magistrate Judge James C. Francis IV — who wrote the seminal decisionof Rowe Entertainment, Inc. v. William Morris Agency, 205 F.R.D. 421 (S.D.N.Y.2002) — started his keynote address by stating his concern that the debateover e-discovery issues has become “unnecessarily partisan.” In his eyes,plaintiffs ask for too much too often, and defendants are too possessive oftheir clients’ material. Both sides, he said, need to move toward the middleground. E-discovery issues need not take the time and expense they have, if bothsides agree to resolve issues amicably.