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(see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Child Victims — Prosecutors — Sentencing), Sup. Ct. p. 778 State v. De La Hoya et al (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE), App. Div. p. 137 State v. Dillard et al, etc. (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Bail), App. Div. p. 1203 State v. Grant (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Grand Juries — Testifying in Restraints), App. Div. p. 1314 State v. Harmon, et al, etc. (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Bail), App. Div. p. 1201 State v. Harrison, etc. (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — CDS — Guns), App. Div. p. 80 State v. Holland (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Independent-Source Rule — Search and Seizure), Sup. Ct. p. 971 State v. Jang (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Consular Relations), App. Div. p. 81 State v. Kashi (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Double Jeopardy — Drunk Driving — Evidence — Trials de Novo), App. Div. p. 1095 State v. Lopez, etc. (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — CDS — Intent to Distribute — Prosecutors), App. Div. p. 214 State v. Maxwell (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Sexual Assault), App. Div. and Law Div. p. 1285 State v. Morais (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Juries — Police — Prosecutors — Witnesses), App. Div. p. 82 State v. Morris (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — CDS — Firearms — Possession), Law Div. p. 241 State v. Muhammad (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Evidence — Prior Statements — Video Testimony), App. Div. p. 222 State v. Mumin (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Plea Agreements — Sexually Violent Predators), App. Div. p. 1173 State v. Neal (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Jury Instructions — Perjury — Prosecutors), App. Div. p. 1199 State v. Nikola (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Drunk Driving — Search and Seizure), App. Div. p. 413 State v. Pelham (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Causation — Jury Instructions — Life Support — Vehicular Homicide), Sup. Ct. p. 1316 State v. Rivera (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Confrontation Clause — Hearsay), Sup. Ct. p. 134 State v. Stanton (see CRIMINAL LAW — Constitutional Law — DWI — Jury Trials — Sentencing — Vehicular Homicide), Sup. Ct. p. 313 State v. Summers (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — CDS — Expert Testimony), Sup. Ct. p. 778 State v. Terrell (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Collateral Issues — Evidence — Income), App. Div. p. 213 State v. Tyler (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Juries), Sup. Ct. p. 569 State v. Walsh (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — Family Law — Harassment), App. Div. p. 583 State v. White (see CRIMINAL PRACTICE — CDS — Jury Instructions — School Zones), App. Div. p. 1106 Talalai v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. (see CONSUMER PROTECTION — Discovery Misrepresentation — Tires), Law Div. p. 689 Tanksley v. Cook (see ATTORNEYS’ FEES — Consumer Fraud), App. Div. p. 502 Tarr v. Bob Ciasulli’s Mack Auto Mall, Inc. (see EMPLOYMENT LAW — Damages — Discrimination — Emotional Distress), App. Div. p. 787 Toll Bros. Inc. et al v. The Planning Board of the Township of Pohatcong (see LAND USE and PLANNING — Subdivision Approval), App. Div. p. 334 Tomeo v. Thomas Whitesell Construction Co., Inc. (see WORKERS’ COMPENSATION — Consumer Products — Torts), Sup. Ct. p. 761 Triffin v. Johnston (see CREDITORS’ and DEBTORS’ RIGHTS — Assignments — Burdens — Dishonored Checks), App. Div. p. 59 United Savings Bank v. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (see ADMINISTRATIVE LAW — Doctrine of Futility — Exhaustion of Remedies — Inverse Condemnation — Wetlands), App. Div. p. 1098 Varsolona v. Breen Capital Services Corp. et al, etc. (see TAXATION — Tax Farming — Tax-Sale Certificates), App. Div. p. 780 Villa Enterprises Management Ltd. v. Federal Insurance Company (see INSURANCE LAW — Advertising Injuries — Indemnification — Trademarks), Law Div. p. 240 Vitti v. Brown et al (see CIVIL PRACTICE — Discovery — Extensions of Time), Law Div. p. 57 Warren County Community College v. Warren County Board of Chosen Freeholders (see SCHOOLS and EDUCATION — Boards of Chosen Freeholders — County Colleges — Funding), Sup. Ct. p. 1204 Weil v. Express Container Corporation et al (see TORTS — Bankruptcy — Minority Shareholders), App. Div. p. 680 Weishaus v. Weishaus (see FAMILY LAW — Alimony — Marital Lifestyle), App. Div. p. 669 Wellington v. Estate of Thomas D. Wellington et al (see FAMILY LAW — Alimony — Property Settlements — Wills), App. Div. p. 338 Zukowitz v. Halperin et al (see TORTS — Dog Bites — Landlord/Tenant — Respondeat Superior), App. Div. p. 502

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