It’s not hard to see why. Fueled by Sarbanes-Oxley, regulators are requiring corporations to adopt strict codes of conduct and to ensure that even rank-and-file employees understand and adhere to them. This requires training–often on a broad scale–in financial reporting, insider trading, codes of conduct, and corporate ethics. For a corporation whose workforce can number in the hundreds of thousands and be spread across the globe, training online makes obvious sense. At far less cost than classroom training, online services enable a corporation to reach its employees wherever they are located, control course content and materials, and track and document course completion.

Legal Knowledge Company claims to have been the first to offer compliance training over the Web when it launched LCEC in October 1999. But others quickly followed suit. We’ve looked at some of them and have whittled the list down to five companies that offer comprehensive suites of online compliance training. On the surface, all offer similar features:

  • Courses use any standard Web browser.
  • Lessons avoid legalese and are usually structured around workplace vignettes.
  • Content can be tailored to suit the corporation.
  • Tests ensure comprehension.
  • Tracking tools document usage.