CLT received some good news earlier this year.

On Feb. 22, Wicks Business Information, a Connecticut-based publisher of magazines and other business-related content, purchased CLT. Wicks owns leading publications in various segments of the financial and corporate markets, most notably financial services. Within publishing circles, the company has a reputation for producing top-quality editorial products and hiring talented and seasoned editors and reporters.

What excites me about the acquisition, though, is Wicks’ strategy to build upon its current portfolio of magazines, focusing on industries and areas that are heavily burdened with compliance and regulatory challenges (which is why CLT was such an attractive acquisition). These are challenges that are having a huge impact on your roles as in-house lawyers. And they will have an increasing impact in the coming years. As part of the Wicks group of magazines, we will be able to tap into a wealth of expertise in this area and give you a much better idea of the regulatory, legal, governance and compliance issues looming on the horizon.

Another thing that excites me about the acquisition is that Wicks wants to invest in expanding the scope and reach of the SuperConference, as well as revitalizing our Web site. Most likely we also will be looking at ways of improving the design of the magazine.

Ultimately, my goal, and Wicks’ goal, is to create the best magazine on the market for in-house lawyers. And my staff and I are looking forward to being part of this endeavor.