Lateral hiring was a key strategy for 2014, our new Lateral Survey shows, though firms protected themselves by reducing the amount and duration of guarantees. Another shield against a bad lateral hire, consultants say, is a detailed scorecard to grade lateral candidates. We profile 20 standout hires of the year.

Lateral Hiring Stays Strong, but Firms Curb Pay Pledges
Lateral hiring remains at a near record, but more firms seek to manage risk by pulling back on compensation guarantees.

The Lateral Report: 2014′s All-Star Hires
Twenty of the most notable and intriguing lateral moves of the year.

An Rx for Lateral Heartache
Lateral partner hiring among large law firms is a lot like an ailing patient. We say this having explored more than 30,000 lateral partner moves over a 12-year period. And we’re ready to offer prescriptive advice—a real cure for the dysfunctional lateral market.