The most common refrain echoed by lawyers I know is that their biggest enemy is not an opposing counsel in a case or deal, or a rival law firm or company; rather, it is time (or more precisely, the lack thereof). This foe assumes mythic proportions as it relates to self improvement goals, which are shunted aside when the next new matter, project or crisis comes along, as these understandably take precedence. Thus, even though they aspire to hone their business development and core competency skills (such as writing and presenting) or realize a need to focus on health and wellness, many lawyers often defer, as they simply cannot find the time.

Hopefully summer provides at least a brief respite from the rigors of the daily grind. Although immersing oneself in a program or training session in some of the areas noted above would be optimal, that four-letter word, T-I-M-E, may once again prohibit such efforts. As a backup plan, a summer reading list will be provided, as selecting a few books may better fit your schedule. I will take a more holistic approach that not only focuses on some key skills that are relevant to our subject of the “business of law,” but also a few that concern wellness, as a sound mind and body, in this author’s opinion, are essential for long-term success.