Use of social media tools such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as many lesser-known or more specialized online media services, has become pervasive throughout every segment of society. For example, in excess of 500 million people around the world are registered with Facebook, and there are over 100 million tweets on Twitter every day.[FOOTNOTE 1]

Social media allows users to post their photos and videos online, and discuss their lives, health, and interests. Indeed, Facebook recognizes that “one of the primary reasons people use Facebook is to share content with others. Examples include when you update your status, upload or take a photo, upload or record a video, share a link, create an event or a group, make a comment, write something on someone’s Wall, write a note, or send someone a message.”[FOOTNOTE 2] Sharing this personal information can be virtually instantaneous and, of course, worldwide.