In a petition for writ of mandamus filed July 29, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller asks the state Supreme Court to vacate the public warning the State Commission on Judicial Conduct issued to her on July 16. Keller also asks the Supreme Court to dismiss all charges against her.

According to the petition, Keller seeks mandamus relief because SCJC executive director Seana Willing, who serves as the examiner in cases involving alleged judicial misconduct, “has publicly admitted” that the commission’s public warning order “does not comport with the Texas Constitution.” Keller further alleges that the commission lacked authority to issue the public warning and that its warning is “void on its face because it was rendered contrary to limiting constitutional authority.” As alleged in the petition, “[T]he SCJC had no more authority to render a public warning against Keller than it would to order her home to be forfeited.”