WHO GOT THE WORK?℠ - Rudy Hill of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings has entered an appearance for Coachcomm in a pending lawsuit. The suit, filed Jan. 5 in Pennsylvania Western District Court by Marcus & Shapira on behalf of Westcom Wireless Inc., contends that Coachcomm, a football headset communications provider, falsely advertises its “Cobalt Plus” headset system as being the only system available on the market with advanced features. The case, assigned to U.S. District Judge Mark R. Hornak, is 2:22-cv-00037, Westcom Wireless, Inc. v. Coachcomm, LLC. Read the complaint on Law.com Radar and check out the most recent edition of Law.com’s Who Got the Work?℠ column to find out which law firms and lawyers are being brought in to handle key cases and close major deals for their clients.

HOME INEQUITY - Wells Fargo was hit with a race discrimination class action Thursday in California Northern District Court. The suit, filed by Stowell & Friedman and Sani Law on behalf of African American home loan applicants, accuses the bank of discriminatory residential mortgage policies and practices. The suit claims that Wells Fargo intentionally uses factors in evaluating home loan rates that have a disparate impact on Black borrowers. Counsel have not yet appeared for the defendant. The case is 3:22-cv-00990, Williams v. Wells Fargo Bank NA et al. Stay up on the latest deals and litigation with the new Law.com Radar.