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GOING PLACES - It’s 6 a.m.—do you know where your data privacy, corporate and insurance associates are? In a cutthroat talent market where rival firms are doing everything but plucking young lawyers off the street and whisking them away in unmarked vans, retention efforts have arguably never been more important. And, as Law.com’s Patrick Smith reports, associates in the three aforementioned practice areas are among the hottest commodities right now—so hold on tight. According to data provided by legal data company Decipher, associates in data privacy are moving at a rate of 118% above the four-year first half average—the biggest jump in activity of any practice area. Corporate associates have seen a 78% increase in movement over the four-year average. And insurance associates are experiencing a 72% increase in hiring compared to the previous four years. What’s more, there’s no slowdown in sight. “We are seeing the most demand for M&A associates, and I haven’t seen a significant slowdown, even into summer,” said Stephanie Biderman, a partner in Major Lindsey & Africa’s associate practice group. “We can also expect to see another uptick in the fourth quarter as firms prepare for 2022.”