Are Client Reviews Making or Breaking Your Firm?


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In an era of smartphones and everything on-demand, firms are collectively coming to a rather daunting understanding—online reviews could make or break your business.

The way clients seek out firms has shifted dramatically over the past few years, and with it, their expectations. Recent studies have shown that clients expect more convenience and technological access than ever before, and are more willing to leave if their expectations aren’t met.

In order to stay competitive and win over clients, firms need to ramp up their client journey from the perspective of a modern client. 

Join this webcast to learn about 6 SEO myths that need busting and find out how you can improve your firm’s online reputation accordingly. Plus, get access to:

  • New consumer trends
  • A guide to improving your Google My Business (GMB) listing
  • And a step-by-step on gathering more high-quality reviews


Michael Gubler | Regional Director of Legal | Podium

Michael Gubler has worked with hundreds of firms as a Regional Sales Director helping them communicate conveniently with their clients and helping them gather reviews online. When he’s not focused on helping law firms, he loves going to the movies and going fishing and camping with his wife.

Hayley Sonntag | Senior Marketing Specialist | Podium

Hayley Sonntag has worked in many areas of marketing including demand generation, market research and communications. She works with hundreds of local businesses up their online conversion, increase lead generation, and create a convenient customer journey at every step. When she’s not brushing up on her card game skills, Hayley enjoys seeing the latest movies and hiking in the mountains near her home.

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