Welcome back to  Inside Track . I’m  Rebekah Mintzer , Law.com’s in-house editor, and I’m very pleased to be bringing you another week’s worth of legal department news and insights.In this edition, we’ll talk about the newest venture from  UnitedLex , a legal services provider with a reputation for  splashy projects— though the in-house experts we spoke to had  mixed opinions  about how effective the venture would be. Plus, it was a big week for GC moves, but one attorney is  taking on a position that most job seekers would probably avoid like the plagueRead on to find out more… If you have tips, story ideas or other feedback, email me at  [email protected]  or find me on Twitter:  @rmintzer . ➤➤ Would you like to receive Inside Track as a weekly email? Sign up here.

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UnitedLex Strikes Again. Is it Good for Law Departments?