(L-R): Awards host Shadia Bseiso; Rabah Bashir; Deepa Tharmaraj, legal director Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Dell

Zakher Marine International’s Rabah Bashir was crowned junior corporate counsel of the year after clocking up a number of notable achievements in his short time at the company.

During the past 12 months, Bashir has already helped secure a substantial amount of disputed funds thanks to his clear thinking and smart research. In August last year, he settled a dispute that hinged on arguments based on his research of the Law of Unjust Enrichment. Then in October he was able to settle another dispute relating to a shipbuilding contract. Bashir also negotiated and advised on a major shipbuilding programme, aligning the deal’s commercial ambitions with the legal strategy needed to hedge the risk of the contract.

“Rabah has done an excellent job in his position as legal counsel and is an asset to our organisation,” said a Zakher Marine executive.

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