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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Competitive Video Games

Level: Advanced
Runtime: 94 minutes
Recorded Date: January 13, 2022
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  • NFTs in the gaming industry
  • Smart contracts
  • Licenses
  • Intellectual property issues related to video games
  • Copyrights and trademark issues related to NFTs
Runtime: 1 hour, 34 minutes
Recorded: January 13, 2022

For NY - Difficulty Level: For experienced attorneys only (non-transitional)


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become a popular topic in the video game space as they can provide "permanent" assets that can be authenticated and used across different games. Video game NFTs are already selling for high prices which will increase as monetization of NFTs becomes more sophisticated. Yet the use of NFTs in video games creates interesting legal issues with respect to contract issues related to NFTs, copyright ownership of the NFT, trademark infringement in the use of NFTs across games, and licensing issues with respect to the purchase and sale of NFTs.

This CLE will discuss applications of non-fungible tokens to competitive video games including: why and how they may be used, what benefits they may bring, and what intellectual property and contract issues they may create.

This program was recorded on January 13th, 2022.

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American Bar Association
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Elliot Karlin

Associate Attoney
Haley Guiliano LLP

Elliot Karlin’s practice includes all aspects of intellectual property law, emphasizing the preparation and prosecution of patent applications and patent portfolio management. He has experience managing international prosecution, post-grant proceedings before the Patent Trials and Appeals Board, and reviewing and drafting license agreements.

Elliot is familiar with a wide array of technologies, including machine learning, mathematical modeling, financial technology, server architecture, database management systems, consumer electronics, business management software, and optics. His favorite patent is the Lameness Detection System used to detect lameness in the legs of small animals through pressure sensors.

Before joining Haley Guiliano, Elliot practiced patent law as an associate and counsel in a boutique law firm. Working with both large corporations and startups, he developed a practice emphasizing quality in patent drafting and prosecution.

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Malgorzata "Gosia" Kulczycka, Ph.D., JD

Hickman Becker Bingham Ledesma, LLP

Ms. Kulczycka’s practice emphasizes client counseling and strategic patent prosecution with special expertise in computer networks, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet-related technologies, computer software, telecommunications, computer graphics, and electronics. Her computer network experience includes virtual machine technologies, communications servers and routers, load balancing, high availability network mechanisms, VPN, dynamic DNS-based security systems, real-time distributed data compliance brokers, cloud-based storage systems, data encryption mechanisms, data stream classifications, traffic multiplexing, link aggregation, VoIP, wireless communications, and data communications protocols. Her other experience includes databases, Web-based searches, XML document processing, digital image processing, data content distribution, and implementations of computerized methods for service providers. Her clients include individuals, startups, mid-sized businesses, and large corporations.

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