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CSRS, FERS, FEGLI, Oh My! - An Overview of Federal Employee Benefits

Level: Beginner
Runtime: 91 minutes
Recorded Date: March 01, 2022
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  • The alphabet of Federal employee benefits (CSRS, FERS, TSP, FEGLI, etc.)
  • Familiarity with the basics of the common federal employee benefits available
  • Where to find resources including application information, eligibility criteria, and general information
Runtime: 1 hour, 31 minutes
Recorded: March 1, 2022

For NY - Difficulty Level: For newly-admitted attorneys (transitional)


Federal employee benefits are controlled by the Federal government through laws adopted by Congress and promulgated in the Code of Federal Regulations. Anyone who serves Federal Employees in employment, elder or estate law must have a full understanding of these programs. Not only the individual programs but how they interact to be able to effectively advise clients on accommodations requests under the Americans with Disability Act, regular retirement applications, Federal Workers Compensation, disability retirement applications, and retirement planning.

This course will provide a general primer on the acronyms of different federal employee benefits (i.e., CSRS, FERS, FEGLI, etc.) so the attorneys in attendance can become familiar with the basics of the common federal employee benefits available to themselves (as current/former federal employees) or to their clients. The presenter will provide resources on where to look for application information, eligibility criteria, and general information about federal employee benefits.

This program was recorded on March 1st, 2022.

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American Bar Association
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Nancy Mayer

Nancy Mayer, Attorney at Law PLLC

I am now an attorney in solo practice concentrating on Elder Law, Immigration Law, Disability Law and Probate. I am admitted to practice law in North Carolina, District of Columbia, Eastern District of North Carolina Federal Court and the United States Supreme Court. I am on the board of the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys and the North Carolina Chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. I was on the Board Durham Orange Women Attorneys and served as Vice President and President of DOWA. I am also a member of the North Carolina Bar association, NCBA immigration committee, American Bar Association, and National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

I worked for USEPA for 33 years.At EPA I specialized in air pollution policy, air regulation development, implementation and enforcement and tribal law. I have experience in air pollution modelling, rule writing, State Implementation Plan development and implementation, emission inventories and innovative programs (e.g., emission trading.)

While at EPA I was also a union steward with the American Federation of Government Employees local 3347 where I specialized in American with Disabilities Act applications and federal arbitration.

Specialties: Disability. immigration, probate and elder law. I draft end of life documents and help individuals apply for Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Workers Compensation, Accommodations under the American with Disabilities Act and Federal Disability Retirement. I also provide assistance to individuals who are administrating estates.

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