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Airplane Etiquette and Attorney Ethics

Level: Advanced
Runtime: 60 minutes
Recorded Date: March 25, 2024
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Rules discussed include but are not exclusive to:
  • Rule 1.15 - Don't Steal from your trust account
  • Rule 8.4 - Misconduct
  • Rule 1.4 - Communication
  • Rule 4.4 - Respect for rights of third persons
  • Rule 1.2 - Scope of Representation and Allocation of Authority between Client and Lawyer

For NY - Difficulty Level: Experienced attorneys only (non-transitional)


In this program we’re going to talk about Stuart’s Rules for Proper Airplane Etiquette. And what are rules of etiquette? They are rules of behavior. Well, look at that…it just so happens that the ethics rules are also rules of behavior. So let’s talk about how we should behave on a plane, and compare that to how we should behave in the practice.

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Stuart I. Teicher, Esq.

Professional Legal Educator

Stuart I. Teicher, Esq. is a professional legal educator who focuses on ethics law. A practicing attorney for over 17 years, Stuart's career is now dedicated to helping fellow attorneys survive the practice of law and thrive in the profession. Mr. Teicher teaches seminars, provides in-house training to law firms and gives keynote speeches at conventions and association meetings. He also provides consultation and representation in attorney disciplinary matters.

Stuart helps attorneys get better at what they do (and enjoy the process) through his entertaining and educational CLE Performances. His expertise is in Technethics, a term Stuart coined that refers to the ethical issues in social networking and other technology. Stuart also speaks about Practical Ethics -- those lessons hidden in the ethics rules that enhance a lawyer's practice.

Mr. Teicher is a Supreme Court appointee to the New Jersey District Ethics Committee where he investigates and prosecutes grievances filed against attorneys, an adjunct Professor of Law at Rutgers Law School in Camden, New Jersey where he teaches Professional Responsibility and an adjunct Professor at Rutgers University in New Brunswick where he teaches undergraduate writing courses.

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