Kennedys-Nick-Thomas-108_Colour-Article-201606291032Kennedys has reported a 7% increase in revenue to £138.8m, up from £129.9m last year.

The firm has also passed the £100m revenue mark in the UK for the first time, rising 2.4% to £102m, up from from £99.6m.

The firm has not yet reported a profit figure for 2015-16. In 2014-15, the firm’s profit per equity partner (PEP) increased to £424,000, up from £418,000 in 2013-14.

The results, which are for the financial year ending 30 April, show that the Asia-Pacific region was the area of strongest growth for the firm, with Hong Kong growing by 33% and the Singapore office growing by 144%, from £3.2m to £7.8m.

The growth in Singapore followed on from Kennedys’ joint law venture with Singapore firm Legal Solutions, which saw Legal Solutions’ seven directors and seven lawyers join Kennedys’ existing five-partner office.

The firm also expanded to Denmark and Russia in the last financial year after merging with local firms.

Kennedys also struck association deals with firms in Sweden, Norway and Argentina during the course of the year.

Senior partner Nick Thomas said: “These results underline our long-term global growth strategy and our continued commitment to strengthening our business predicated on client need.”

Looking forward, he said: “We are planning for continued growth in the coming year, both domestically and internationally which will, as ever, be centred on where our clients require it and where compelling opportunities present themselves.”

Watson Farley & Williams and RPC, other firms with significant insurance practices, released their 2015-16 results yesterday, with Watson Farley growing by 5% and RPC by 6%.