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(GSR) Gunshot Residue & Cross-Contamination Investigation, Weapons and Firearms Consultant/ Recognized Expert Witness to all weapon/ firearms related matters to include, but not limited to: What is and is not a Firearm, What is and is not a Silencer, Silencer/Suppressor vs. Muzzle Brake/Compensator, Machinegun, Firearm Malfunction/Explosions, Trigger Pull Analysis, Ammunition Malfunction/Explosions, Defect in Warning and Design, Tool-Mark Identification, Internal-External-Terminal Ballistics, Shooting Reconstructions, Shooting Investigations, Stab and Cut Investigation, Accidental Discharge, Self-Defense Claims, Ejections Analysis, Penetration Testing, Ricochet Analysis, Trajectory Analysis, Projectile Analysis, Serial Number Restoration, Weapon Tampering, Bomb and Incendiary Device Analysis, Weapon Safety Analysis. Certified Police Armorer and Third Generation Gunsmith. NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. Fully-licensed Attorney in Michigan. Recognized as an expert witness in multiple states and federal courts. Nationally published.