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Personal injury/product liability alleging: defective packaging; inadequate loading and securement of cargo; dangerous material handling practices; falling merchandise; and, failure-to-warn. Insurance claims, alleging losses from how the cargo was packaged, unitized, loaded, secured, transported, handled, and warehoused. Patent infringement and trade-dress infringement involving packaging, labeling, and their related processes and machinery. Has testified in state and federal courts, given dozens of depositions, and written many reports. Can supply references regarding his professionalism and his strengths in consulting, analyzing, opining, and communicating. Forty years' experience gained from careers as an industry employee, university instructor, writer, lecturer, consultant, and expert.

Areas of expertise:
Package design & development; packaging patents; package testing & quality assurance; packaging regulations & standards-of-care; packaging machinery & line operations; palletizing & unitizing; material handling; warehousing; cargo loading & securement; falling merchandize; human factors; and, failure-to-warn.

Education & Licenses

B.S. in Packaging Engineering; M.B.A. in Marketing and Finance; Ph.D. courses in International Marketing & Logistics. Professional Certifications in Packaging, Material Handling, Material Management, Transportation, Purchasing, and Inventory Control.