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Accident Investigation-Trucks

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Highly qualified and well-rounded expert opinion is supported by in excess of 30 years' experience in the highly specialized field of commercial motor vehicle crashes and incidents, general CMV transportation and FMCSA regulations, in addition to 16 years at the helm of a national incident response company. Specializing in commercial motor vehicle crash investigation and FMCSA post-crash inspections, Scott's career of service includes response and investigation to well over 1,000 tractor trailer crashes, 200 cargo-tank crashes and incidents, and a multitude of industrial setting incidents, railroad, maritime and airline disasters. In addition, Scott had spent several years as a CMV operator (truck driver) in the mid 1980's. Driver experience includes: cargo-tanks, flatbed (low-boy) and dry-van trailers. Scott's rich experience, regulatory and 'standards of care' knowledge, detailed reports and well-delivered testimony can be a focal point of any civil or criminal litigation or arbitration where Commercial Motor Vehicle crashes, hazardous material incidents, loading/offloading accidents and/or transit related matters are at issue.

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Education & Licenses

FMCSA CMV (Truck/Bus) Level 1 Post Crash Inspections; FMCSA Brake Inspections; PHMSA Cargo-Tank Inspections; Smith-System Instructor; IPTM, Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation; NJSP, CMV Weights and Measures Master Trained; NJSP Cargo Tank Specialist Instructor; NATMI Transportation Director Trained