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Toxicology Risk Assessment

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DR. Troast provides expert witness services as a toxicologist discussing the health risks of chemicals and hazardous products released into the environment where residents are exposed to the unknown chemical. DR. Troast has provided opinions and testimony in litigations involving exposures to lead based paint, pesticides, water contaminants (i.e. poly- fluorinated compounds), hazardous wastes, biologics and radionuclides. Dr. Troast has been recognized as an expert under both Daubert and Frye criteria and has testified in both State and Federal Courts.

DR. Troast had a 33- year career at the US EPA retiring as a senior scientist for the “Superfund Program”. He chaired both the Technical Review Panel for Lead and the Technical Review panel for Asbestos while working in the Superfund program.

While at the USEPA, DR. Troast oversaw the implementation of the IEUBK lead risk model and its conversion into a computer system that is usable in desk top computers. He received an EPA Meritorious Science Award for this action.

DR. Troast was a scientist/manager in both the Office of Toxic Substances and the Office of Pesticide Programs. In both of these assignments DR. Troast was responsible for the development of a scientific position that would assess the toxicity/hazard of the compound within industrial settings and the food chain for the population of the US.

Upon retirement from the USEPA, DR. Troast worked as a toxicology consultant for the USAID in the Kingdom of Jordan. While in Jordan, DR. Troast provided technical advice to the Jordanian Minister of the Environment on water system testing and separation methods for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes and treatment of the hazardous wastes. Upon completion of the USAID service, Dr. Troast formed his private consulting group and began teaching at a local community college.

Areas of Expertise Lead exposure risks from environmental sources including paint, soil, chemical wastes and drinking water to children and adults. Risks associated with industrial chemical releases such as PFOS/PFAS. Health risks from exposures to pesticides.

Services Provided

DR. Troast provides expert witness representation for risks from lead containing compounds (i.e. lead based paint, soil lead, lead dust, and water), chemical hazards in drinking water, risks from industrial chemical exposure, and exposures to pesticides.

Education & Licenses


PhD George Mason University 2006 Environmental Science and Toxicology

MS West Virginia University 1971 Biochemistry

BA West Virginia University 1969 Biology

Professional Memberships

Society of Toxicology, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society