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Firearms Identification - Microscopic examinations and comparisons of ammunition/components with suspected firearms
Tool mark Identification - Microscopic examinations and comparisons of tool marks with suspected tools
Firearms design, operability, defects, alterations and conversions, modifications and accidental discharge
Ammunition Examinations - Cartridge manufacture and source determination of ammunition components
External/terminal ballistics calculations/determinations (trajectory, ricochet, penetration, etc.)
Distance determination (range of fire) from GSR deposits or pellet patterns on skin, clothing, or other objects
Gunshot residue testing involving the chemical analysis for lead or nitrite residues
Gun Range Consultations - design, safety, etc. Examinations of Locks, safes, alarm mechanisms, etc. for signs of tampering, toolmarks, etc.
Shooting Scene Reconstruction
Shooting Accidents
Firearms Product Liability Testing
Computer Animations, Illustrations and Simulations of shooting related incidents
Firearms Explosions
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Individual Consultants: BSs to PhDs