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General Dentistry

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Dr. Lindsey P. Wolfer is a general practice dentist who has been providing dental care for 40 years. He provides treatment in most of the various fields of dentistry including: restorative (fillings and cosmetic/whitening), endodontics (root canal), fixed and removable prosthetics (crowns/bridges, dentures, implants), limited oral surgery, children's dentistry, periodontics (soft tissue/gums), advanced laser dentistry. He is a graduate of Temple University Dental School. In addition to his dental practice, Dr. Wolfer has been involved in expert dental review for dental malpractice cases for the past 25 years. He has provided expert opinion for both plaintiff and defendant to over 15 different law firms and insurance companies. Dr. Wolfer reviews cases, provides expert reports and courtroom testimony.

Professional Affiliations
Academy of General Dentistry
Integrated Dental Study Club
World Clinical Laser Institute, Associate Fellowship

Education & Licenses

B.A. + D.D.S., New York