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Professional meteorological expert witness support tailored to your specific needs. Forensic case experience since 1977. Clear, convincing, and credible testimony and communication to jurors. Official certified weather documents. Data acquisition and analysis. Depositions and arbitration hearings. Trial testimony and exhibits. Reports, summaries and site visits. Determining unusualness or normalcy. Reconstruction & Foreseeability on subjects of:
* Storms
* Lightning
* Wind conditions
* Rainfall
* Flooding
* Temperatures
* Moisture
* Ice and snow
* Wave and tide conditions
* Air pollution transport
* Climate studies
* Illumination
* Wildfires
* Visibility
* Dust
* Fog
For accident reconstruction (autos, trucks, boats, ships and aircraft); Construction & property damage; Slips & falls; Mold issues; & Criminal matters. Also, weather support for emergency response and counter terrorism and alternative energy applications.

Education & Licenses

Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM), MA, BA, NWS Skywarn Weather Spotter

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