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- Over 25 years of wide-ranging industry experience in software engineering, research & development, Web & mobile app programming (iOS), and e-commerce.

- Expert investigation & analysis for software development failures, code theft, breach of contract, online trademark/copyright/patent infringement, software quality auditing, Internet forensics, source code analysis for desktop/mobile app software and Internet web sites.

- Specializes in social media class actions against Facebook including BIPA

- Deep knowledge of open source technologies and frameworks (PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, Perl, Python, Unix, Linux), programming best practices and Agile methodology, code testing, Web stack development, digital media, social networking, gaming, cloud software and Internet web sites

- Expert in over 95 legal actions, including cases in Hong Kong, Turkey, Canada, and Australia. Expert reports, declarations, testified in depositions and trials/arbitrations over 25 times.

- Former technology instructor for San Francisco State University. Software inventor, patent holder and author of multiple patent applications.

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BA Telecommunications, Indiana University, Phi Eta Sigma Honors