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Daniel P. Connolly is an ACTAR (# 2286) accredited Crash Reconstructionist with over 25 years of experience in handling active crash investigations and reconstructions.

Our firm specializes in Heavy Truck and Commercial Vehicle crash reconstruction. We are equipped to image and evaluate Engine computer data (ECM) as well as Airbag Control Modules utilizing the Bosch CDR tool and the Hyundai/Kia Tool.

Our firm is staffed with a Retired DOT Inspector and State Inspection Mechanic. Each investigation and reconstruction includes an inspection of the involved vehicles to document damage and check for mechanical failures.

Proper scene documentation and measuring is essential to a through crash reconstruction. Our 24 hour quick response team will respond and document the crash scene before evidence disappears. Our FAA Licensed Drone Pilot will provide aerial documentation to be utilized in 3-D scale modeling.

Mr. Connolly is a Court Certified Expert Witness in Local Court, Commonwealth Court and Federal Court. He assesses the evidence and provides opinions based on the facts. He has testified for both plaintiff and defense in Depositions, Meditations and Civil and Criminal trials. Mr. Connolly was the first person in Pennsylvania to charge Third-Degree Murder in a car crash and get a conviction.

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ACTAR #2286