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Leading Georgetown Doctor, Georgetown J.D., Professor. Over 20 years' experience. Expertise in Violent Behavior; Causes of Youth & Adult Homicide; Assault; Disorders Related to Marriage & Divorce Issues and to Workplace Issues/Firings; Depression, Bipolar, PTSD and Anxiety Disorders; Evaluation of Psychosis & Insanity; Explanations of White Collar Crime; Domestic, Child, & Elder Abuse; Asylum Applications & Evaluations; Custody Evaluations. Professor at Georgetown University, The George Washington University, positions at Yale Psychiatric Institute and The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Co-Chair, White House Campaign Against Youth Violence; Academic Advisory Council; Consultant, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of State. Expert Peer Reviewer, American Psychological Association; Named to Peer Review College of United Kingdom National Economic and Social Research Council. 15 publications in scientific journals; Editorial Board, American Criminal Law Review, Editorial Board, Violence and Gender. National On-Air and In-Print Expert for the Washington Post, New York Times, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS News, MSNBC, CBS News 60 Minutes, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, and many more.

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Ph.D., J.D.