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Limiting Liability in Design and Construction Contracts

Peter S. Britell and Ashley A. Dunn of Venable write: There is an “issue du jour” in almost every new major design and construction project—limitation of liability. The architect and construction manager or contractor each seeks to fix a cap on their liability for the project. The issue is then negotiated, since the stakes can be high for all parties. While the results of these negotiations vary with the type of project and foreseeable risks, the topics discussed are often common.

When Art Meets Building: A Primer on the Visual Artists Rights Act

Thomas D. Kearns and Carolyn Sha of Olshan Frome Wolosky write: Given the legal implications for property owners, it behooves landlord and tenant alike to understand the workings and implications of the Visual Artists Rights Act as related to real property.

Condominium Formation in New York

Stuart M. Saft, a partner at Holland & Knight, addresses various facets of condominium formation in light of the explosion of condominiums being formed in New York.

Not Everything Is Guaranteed in Landlord-Tenant Guaranties

Nativ Winiarsky, a senior partner at Kucker & Bruh, writes: While much time and effort is often spent on securing the form and material terms of the guaranty, landlords and their counsel are well advised to make similar efforts to take the necessary precautionary steps to ensure that the guaranty they worked so hard to acquire can indeed one day be enforced in the event of default by the principal debtor.