Acting Supreme Court Justice Barry Kamins (See Profile), who serves as administrative judge for the Supreme Court criminal term in the city and administrative judge for the New York City Criminal Court, on Friday was given the additional role of acting administrative judge for civil matters in the Second Judicial District. Chief Administrative A. Gail Prudenti (See Profile) said on Friday that Kamins has agreed to immediately assume the duties of Justice Sylvia Hinds-Radix (See Profile), who was recently elevated to the Appellate Division, Second Department. “Justice Kamins has graciously consented to assume it temporarily, in addition to his other duties, until candidates can be properly vetted and a final appointment made,” Prudenti said in a statement. Kamins, 69, who is running unopposed for a Supreme Court position in Brooklyn, said in an interview that he does not intend to seek a permanent appointment to the administrative post. Kamins will receive the same salary as a Supreme Court justice, $160,000. He does not receive extra compensation for his three administrative positions.