One of Connecticut’s largest law firms says it is opening an office in Storrs so it can take advantage of the “presence and growth” of the University of Connecticut.

Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, which has about 50 lawyers in offices in Hartford, New Haven and Middletown, will launch its new location on July 1. The firm, which now goes by the initials UKS, is best known for its extensive governmental relations practice that focuses on lobbying on behalf of clients. The firm also focuses on business and corporate law.

The firm says its new office is the first to be opened by a major firm near the main UConn campus.

“We are pleased to extend our geographic presence to Storrs,” said firm president John F. “Jef” Wolter, “which we believe has enormous potential as a legal market given the presence and growth of UConn, [the university's] collaborative efforts with Connecticut business and industry, and the various economic development and technology innovation projects currently underway in the area.”

Wolter added that the client base for the firm, which has consistently ranked in the top 15 in Connecticut in terms of annual gross revenues, has “grown significantly” in eastern Connecticut, and that the new office will allow for the further expansion of its practice in Tolland and Windham counties.

“We see a significant opportunity for UKS to provide the local community with access to a wider range of specialized legal services,” said Wolter. “Our business is about relationships, and the best way for us to further these relationships is to be close to our clients and have an active presence in their communities.”

UKS also announced that attorney Samuel L. Schrager will be joining the firm as of counsel. Schrager has been in private practice in Storrs for nearly 40 years and will continue to practice in the areas of business law, trust and estate planning, and real estate law.